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So you may be thinking:

Who is this Aislyn person, and why do I care?

Well Aislyn is me, and you care because you’re on the about page.

Ok, well maybe you want a little more info then that.

I run unBurried

I’m too young, too hyper, and I like doing research way too much. I have nightmares about sleazy sales pages and I hang on Johnny B. Truant‘s every word like he’s the new Naomi Dunford {even though he’s not}. I’m broke, and it’s awesome. I have this thing I do, and I stopped looking for jobs to do it. You can email me at Aislyn [dot] Laurent [at] Gmail [dot] com. Email makes me happy.

Whats the thing? Well… I’m aiming to change things around here

I’m really tired of awesome people being broke, miserable, and hopeless. Time to get our shit in gear. As I get myself fixed, I’m helping you get better.

I also enjoy salt, ice cream, kittens, and long walks through the Internet

For the win.

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