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Noodles and the End of Your World

October 28, 2009


Noodles to me represent a lifestyle. It sounds kind of stupid, but it could be so much worse. I could be talking about boxes of chocolate. Instead I bring you a tale of apathy. A story of giving up. A chronicle of what life was to me.

For two months, all I ate was noodles

All I could afford was noodles. Ramen, Penne, Speggis. They made up my one meal a day. My life revolved around keeping the noodles coming.

I gave in

Instead of trying to find out how to afford more then noodles, I found new ways to cook them. Recipes for what I already had, I allowed myself to get comfortable with noodles. I got to know them. I learned to understand them. I studied them and they became just they way it was. The way it had to be. What I had to accept in order to live my life.

One day, it all changed

I went out for sushi. I had just a tiny bit, just a taste. It was was more than I had ever dreamed of.  Sushi was more than noodles could ever be. It was more then noodles could aspire to. I lifted my head and looked to the sky for the first time. No more.

I’ll no longer eat nothing but noodles

I’ll no longer stand idle in my own world

I’ll do whatever it takes to get out out of here, because it can’t get any worse than this

I want to be free

I’m Aislyn, and this is my blog. It’s the story of my journey out of the noodle bowl.

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  1. ouy permalink
    July 15, 2010 2:40 am

    Penne&Speggis aren’t noodles. Noodles are good, but not the way out.

    • nilda04 permalink*
      July 15, 2010 8:35 am

      Oookkaaayyy. Technically they’re pasta. But still! Thanks for the comment.

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